Study in Canada

• Capital: Ottawa, in the province of Ontario
• Language: many Canadians have a mother tongue other than English or French, including Italian, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Greek or other languages.
• Official Currency: Canadian dollar
• Climate: Daytime summer temperatures can rise to 35 °C and higher, while lows of -25 are not uncommon in winter. More moderate temperatures are the norm in spring and fall.
• Time Difference:  10 hrs 30 min behind IST.

Why Study in Canada ?

Under the Canadian constitution Education forms a provincial responsibility. Thus there are significant differences between the education systems of the different provinces. However, standards across the country are uniformly high. For a student to be educated in any Canadian educational institution, a student authorization must be obtained from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. A Student Authorization is a document issued by Immigration Canada officials that permits a foreign individual to study in Canada, generally at a specific Canadian educational institution and in a specific program, and always for a limited time.

Applicants who wish to study in Montreal or another city in the Province of Quebec will also require approval from immigration authorities of the Government of Quebec.
Immigration Canada generally issues Student Authorizations that are valid for the duration of the intended course of studies. However, international students studying in Montreal or another city in the Province of Quebec must renew their status each year.

Admission Process

• All Academic Documents
• 10th and 12th Mark sheet and Pass certificates
• Bachelors mark sheets and Degree certificates
• Additional qualification (If any)
• Work Experience (If any)
• IELTS Test score (Min 6 Bands)

Student Visa Checklist

• Application Form
• Passport
• Family Information Sheet and Student Questionnaire
• 2 passport size photographs
• Letter of Acceptance
• Academic Documents
• Work Experience (If any)
• Funds: AS A PREFERRED OPTION for proof of funds: A copy of an Educational Loan from an Indian Chartered Bank equivalent to at least 80% of tuition +living + travel expenses for one academic year (normally, first year’s tuition, unless already paid, plus $8000).
• Copy of receipt of payment
• Income Tax Returns


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